The Trailhead


Here at the Trailhead, we pride ourselves in being more than just a gym. With resort amenities and a family-friendly environment, there is truly something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Fitness Classes

Fitness Class Descriptions: Complimentary for Members | $10/guest per class  
Glutes & Abs | This class focuses on trimming and toning the core of the body – abdominals, lower back, glutes and thighs.
Sculpt | A combination of traditional body sculpting methods using free weights, resistance bands, balls, bars, and your own body weight! Designed to provide you with a total body workout in one short hour! Good for all levels.
Spin | Indoor cycling that focuses on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery, and involves using a stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel.
Sound Healing | A guided meditation and sound immersion experience. Become entrained with the sounds of ancient instruments like crystal and Tibetan bowls and chimes as you are guided through a visual meditation.
S&B (Stretch & Balance) | This class emphasizes the stretching of all major muscle groups and connective tissues through a series of long held stretches and breath awareness for greater flexibility. The stretching is followed by improving our balance using various techniques. 
AquaFit | A shallow water cardiovascular workout. Low impact, with little choreography, designed to increase the heart rate. The water gives a great workout for the abdominals, the gluteus and for overall strengthening. (Beginner to advance)

Personal Training

Work with our professional trainers to get a custom-designed program to fit your needs! All of our trainers are certified and will tailor each program to fit your health, wellness and performance needs. Some of the benefits you may see are:
-Building Lean Body Mass
-Losing Fat Mass
-Improve joint mobility
-Change body positions easier
-IE sitting to standing, getting out of bed, picking things from the floor, ect
Performance Results
-Improve your club head speed and carry distance
-Improve power-endurance to help finish rounds strong
-Reduce soreness and build the capacity to play more golf in a week!

Personal Trainers and Spa Team

Angella Rangel | Trailhead Manager and Personal Trainer |
ISSA Personal Trainer
Angella was born in Arizona and raised in Payson.  She is returning to Arizona from the Big Island of Hawaii where she lived for over 17 years, raising her 2 wonderful Kids. She has been passionate about health and wellness for her whole life. As a child, she was actively involved in every sport, cheerleading, and dance.  As an adult, she has been passionate about helping people make the best health/wellness choices. She is a certified herbalist, yoga instructor, and as a personal trainer.
She loves staying active and helping others discover their way to a healthy active life style.  She is happiest when teaching others to be more health conscious and body aware.
She is excited to offer a unique style of training that will help improve flexibility, while building strength, and help you to learn to play again. 
Claire Rutledge | Personal Trainer |
Action Personal Trainer
Claire has always been extremely passionate in exercise, and fitness her whole life. She has worked at many gyms and over the past 40 years she has been a gymnastics, cheer and dance coach for various programs. She has been a loyal employee for the Trailhead for over a decade and is excited to help guide members to their health and wellness goals. 
She has been able to raise her five wonderful children in Payson and she is driven by her commitment to her faith.
Brooke Bishop | Personal Trainer |
ISSA Personal Trainer
Brooke has been in the fitness industry now for 20 years.  She has a passion for helping people live a healthier lifestyle.  She guides her clients to their personal goals through nutrition, exercise, communication and dedication.  
She is also a small town gym owner, personal trainer, 6x NPC figure & bikini bodybuilding athlete and avid outdoors/nature lover.  When she’s not in the gym she prefers to be hiking, gardening, kayaking, or paddle boarding.  She is a wife, mother and grandmother to 10 beautiful grandkids!  “I walk the walk and lead by example because I believe being the best influence I can be matters to my family and my clients.”
Spa Independent Contractors
Mark Walker | Massage Therapist | 928-399-1567
Mark has 15+ years of high-end massage services at destinations such as Silverado Resort and Spa, Auberge du Soleil, Carneros Resort and Spa, and Trilogy Spa.
As an Arizona Licensed Massage Therapist, he provides customized massage through a variety of therapeutic modalities designed to rejuvenate and provide deep relief from muscle and joint pain. Modalities include Deep Tissue, Fusion Reiki, Lomi-Lomi, Shiatsu, Swedish, and Sports Massage (pre and post event).
Frances Andreas | Massage Therapist | 928-978-5699
Frances started her career in 1984 in the state of Washington and continued her chosen path in Arizona in 2001.
Frances is well versed in therapeutic methods, massage & body therapies. She enjoys offering customized massage treatments. Frances specializes in Heated Stone, Skin Brushing, Reflexology, Gemstone Treatments, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage & Aromatherapy.
Along with her therapeutic massage treatments, she is also a certified yoga instructor.
Norene Coon | Nail Technician | 928-951-4769
Norene has been a professional Nail Technician for the past 40 years and has been a part of the Mountain Spa staff since 2018. Norene specializes in regular polish or gel manicures/pedicures to help maintain healthy hands and feet.
Dawn Stone | Massage Therapist | 760-396-7752
Dawn has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 15 years. Her career as a LMT began in Ohio with the State Medical Board, and has extended through Michigan-LARA, California-CMTC and now Arizona-State Board of Massage Therapy. Dawn has received training and is certified in Aromatherapy, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Therapies, Therapeutic Applications of pain-relieving products, Prenatal Massage, Sports Massage and Injury Prevention and Chair Massage. Dawn’s strengths include Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Customized Therapeutic Massage, Swedish Massage and Reflexology.  
“Massage is my passion. I believe that healing through natural methods is the beginning to a happy, healthy life!”