Titliest Performance Institute Clinic Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Titliest Performance Institute Clinic for Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Dana DeSarle, PGA, ISSA TPI Certified will guide you through this 1 Hour transformative golfing journey with a comprehensive 60-minute session designed to elevate your game through a strategic blend of theory, assessment, and practical instruction. In this workshop, participants will delve into the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) System, a cutting-edge approach to optimizing performance by focusing on the Kinematic Sequence impact efficiency model.  The overarching goal is to gain distance and accuracy without exerting unnecessary effort, achieved through the mastery of proper impact sequencing.
The workshop kicks off with a dynamic 15-minute introduction to the TPI System, providing participants with a solid foundation in the principles of Kinematic Sequence and Club Head Speed efficiency. Understand how these elements, when applied correctly, can unlock hidden potential in your swing, leading to significant improvements in both distance and accuracy.
On-Course Snacking: Discover convenient and nutritious snack options that can be easily incorporated into a round of golf. Participants will learn how to strategically fuel their bodies during breaks, promoting sustained focus and endurance.
Following the introduction, the next 15 minutes will be dedicated to TPI assessment and stretching exercises.  Participants will undergo a basic group TPI assessment to identify specific areas for improvement tailored to their unique body mechanics. Subsequent targeted stretching routines will be introduced to enhance flexibility and establish the groundwork for a more efficient and powerful swing.
The core of the workshop unfolds in the next 30 minutes, as participants take to the range for basic group instruction. Armed with newfound insights from the TPI System and PGA Teaching and Coaching Model Dana will provide hands-on guidance to refine participants' techniques. Through a series of carefully crafted drills and exercises, attendees will practice and internalize the principles of the TPI System, setting the stage for immediate improvement in their golf game.

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